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Mission: To provide a high-quality, jet charter service that is seamless, stress-free and environmentally efficient for our valued clients.

Vision: To contribute to reducing the environmental impact of jet travel while being recognized and respected as one of the Premier Jet Charter Brokerages in North America - serving the world.


How We Work:

After 17 years in the Charter industry Tara Hollier, our President recognized the large number of private jets flying around the world empty and she saw an opportunity. CharterLastMinute.com works to take advantage of last minute fights to reduce the environmental footprint of jet travel. We work with over 350 operators world-wide and have a collective network of over 1200 safety audited jets. Everyday there are at least 120 aircraft in our network that fly empty: positioning to another flight or returning empty to their base. CharterLastMinute.com receives daily updates from the operators in our network and we use thier positioning flights for our customers. Often times these airplanes are not point to point so we choose the aircraft with the least amount of additional postioning time thus reducing the environmental impact and saving our customers money. If we are unable to find an aircraft that matches the requirements we buy the round trip flight at full cost and try to sell the empty portion of the flight time back to our network and pass on a savings to our clients. Everyone wins and we are making a large contribution to saving our environment.



CharterLastMinute.com (CLM.com)is a private jet brokerage company founded in 2001. We have a network of over 1200 aircraft that have been carefully researched and approved based on the Operators Safety History, operators professionalism in both dispatch and on the flight line, and the condition/ appearanceof thier equipment.


At CharterLastMinute.com the safety of our customers is our number one priority. Our network of over 1200 hundred private jets is researched and approved by our team and we only accept the worlds top Jet Charter Operators. Our Operators exceed the FAA Part 135 requirements, ensuring a commitments to best practices in maintenance, pilot training experience and a flawless safety history.




Tara Hollier, President and CEO

Tara possesses more than 17 years of experience in the air charter industry. She Started Executive Jet Services in 2002 (later renamed CharterLastMinute.com) in San Diego, CA.  She earned a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Western Ontario, one of Canada's top schools.Tara is a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YEO) and works with various causes and organizations in the community.

Tara was nominated for Ernst and Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2004.Tara was honored with '40 under 40' in 2004 by San Diego Magazine. Tara was honored by San Diego Business Journal as one of the Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs in San Diego for 2005.




CharterLastMinute.com does not own or operate aircraft and is a contracted agent of a network of FAA Part 135 air taxi operators.

All personal consumer information submitted through this web site will be held confidential within the company.

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